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The Futurum Labs Research Library is used by IT clients and vendors to keep abreast of the latest trends, compare products, and understand how the technology works. We produce our own independent analysis and reviews covering the latest products and topics in Information Management. Selection of coverage is based on our review of technology and product relevancy. Each coverage includes specific technologies.

Our in-depth research allows our clients to keep up-to-date while making important decisions for their IT architecture.

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Primary Storage

From SAN and NAS storage to Storage Virtualization, Primary Storage continues to evolve with improvements to performance, data management and protection. Over the next 12 months we expect significant changes with NVMe adoption, new telemetry for data management and adoption of technologies to integrate with the cloud. Stay abreast of these changes with our independent, detailed coverage.
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Secondary Storage

As data expands and is used in more places, the approaches and management need to change. NAS, Object, Scale-Out File, along with SDS, are options to address this growth and scale. Use our tools and analysts to define the right environment for your next-generation Data Center.
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Data Protection / Archive

Our experienced analysts provide the latest and most complete research so you can have peace of mind when selecting the ideal Data Protection and archive solutions for your enterprise.
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HCI & Integrated

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and Integrated systems have a promise of streamlining and creating a more agile Data Center. With the comprehensive research conducted by Evaluator Group, you can refine or choose a new Hyperconverged or Integrated system that enhances your company’s IT needs.
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HPC (High Performance Computing) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are now part of modern Enterprise IT. Evaluator Group's team of analysts provide customers with the latest information on architecting the ideal High Performance / AI Computing and Data Storage systems to support these large scale environments.
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Management Software

Our Management Software coverage gives a comprehensive view of the management solutions provided by all major vendors and single-point solutions. Allowing you to compose the ideal collection of storage resource and system management software specifically tailored for your business.
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Container Management

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Cloud Technologies

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Test, Performance & IOmark

Evaluator Group conducts benchmarks and lab testing on site at the lab in Colorado. IOmark is publicly available benchmark tool used to measure performance for VM and VDI environments. In this coverage section we publish advisory papers on performance measurement and the lab testing results.
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