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Commvault Complete Data Protection – Product Review

Published May 3rd, 2023. Concise 9-page overview of Commvault Complete Data Protection. Includes overview, usage, EvaluScale and more. Download the full product review now!

Commvault Complete Data Protection is a software suite that aggregates the vendor’s stand-alone Backup and Recovery and Disaster Recovery offerings. Primarily targeted at large enterprises, the software facilitates backup, recovery, and archive across a wide range of source data from different storage systems, the cloud, applications and databases, and endpoints.

Commvault also integrates the software with its Hedvig softwaredefined storage, creating scale-out appliances called Commvault HyperScale X (see Evaluator Group’s separate HyperScale X Product Brief).

Commvault’s data protection capabilities are offered as standalone SaaS offerings through its Metallic division, which is covered separately in Evaluator Group’s Backup-as-a-Service coverage.

Commvault’s umbrella Intelligent Data Services portfolio, which spans Complete, Data Governance, eDiscovery & Compliance, and File Storage Optimization as multi-cloud data management tools. While a collection of offerings, is covered in aggregate in Evaluator Group’s Multi-Cloud Data Management portfolio.


Commvault Complete Data Protection software is typically used in enterprise environments with the software installed on backup servers. Multiple sites can be managed but the catalog (metadata in the content repository) is not shared.

Commvault Complete Data Protection Product Review Includes:

Architecture Deployment
EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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