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Dell EMC EqualLogic Storage Systems – Product Brief

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The Dell EqualLogic PS storage array series are multiple models for both entry and midrange iSCSI SAN storage systems offered under the Dell EqualLogic brand.  The Dell EqualLogic systems have a unique architecture both in the capability to join systems together into a cluster or a group, as well as the long list of included software features.  Most competitor systems in the entry and midrange market utilize a dual controller design attached to multiple back-end disk trays along with extra cost software features.

Each system (also known as a node) is housed within a single enclosure.  However, multiple systems may be joined together into a group known as a peer group.  Each enclosure houses between 12 – 24 SFF (2.5”) devices, or 12 LFF – 3.5” devices.  Additionally, an entire system / node must have the same type of disk drives and the same RAID level.

A Dell peer group will dynamically load balance data and access and across all elements of pool.  The primary differentiating factor in the entry-level systems is that a peer group is limited to two nodes.

Dell EqualLogic nodes (e.g. an enclosure) support dual controllers, with some “E” models supporting a single controller node.  Single controller nodes provide no HA in the event of a controller failure.  Controllers are active / passive, used for failover within a peer node only.

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