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Dell EMC VNXe – Product Brief

Last updated August 31st, 2019 for updates to EvaluScale table. Concise and unbiased 7-page overview of the features and functionality of Dell EMC VNXe. Download the free Product Brief now!


The EMC VNXe series of storage systems are a family of systems that provides block storage and with some models file storage.  The systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system.  The VNXe has two models: one targeted as an entry-level enterprise storage system and the other as a small to midsize business (SMB) or Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) system.  The VNXe series run the VNXe Operating Environment – MCx.  The VNXe systems can simultaneously support block and file storage on the same storage processors that are installed in the system in the case of the VNXe3200.  The VNXe1600 is block mode only.

The VNXe series models consist of the following modular components:

  • Two storage processors in a Disk Processor Enclosures (DPE). The VNXe DPE contains up to 12 3.5” or 25 2.5” drives.
  • Optional Disk Array Enclosures (DAE). The DAE can contain up to 12 3.5” or 25 2.5” drives.  The VNXe3200 supports SSDs for higher performance requirements and an all SSD version is available.
  • All components can be housed in the EMC 40U rack or any standard 19-inch rack

The operating environment of the VNXe3200 is the same as VNX – MCx, supporting multiple cores and multiple threads.  Caching using SSDs (SLC) is part of the FAST Cache (MCF) implementation with both read and write caching.

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