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Hitachi VSP 5000 – Product Brief

Last updated October 19th, 2021 for updates to models. Concise 7-page overview of HDS VSP 5000. Product Brief includes EvaluScale Reviewing Methodology. Download the free Product Brief now!


The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform high end systems, the 5200H and 5600H hybrid systems and 5200 and 5600 all flash systems continue the evolution of Hitachi’s virtualized storage architecture with a new generation of purpose-built, Intel-based hardware. The VSP 5000 models use the same SVOS software as the earlier G1500 and F1500 models and builds on the high-end, highly reliable systems offered by Hitachi. Technology changes include new processors, new PCIe internal switches, support for NVMe devices, and new controller architecture.

Previous VSP 5000, such as the 5100 and 5500, models featured the use of custom flash modules called FMDs, however the latest 5200 and 5600 models no longer support FMDs and instead focus on standard SSDs, NVMe SSDs, and SCM devices.

The seamless continuation of the Hitachi VSP systems will allow customers familiar with the earlier systems to expand on their value derived from the system with the new capabilities and performance. Environments where the Hitachi VSP are used can be expanded with the new capabilities and simplified operations.

Highlights of the VSP 5000 models include:

  • Purpose-built controllers using standard Intel components
  • Dual internal PCIe switches with FPGAs for internal connections
  • Embedded software SVOS – Storage Virtualized Operating System
  • Command Suite software – system management & SRM
  • Virtualizes up to 200 external storage systems
  • Up to 287 PB external storage support
  • Thin provisioning for external volumes, fat-to-thin conversion
  • Real-time tiering to optimize cache usage for performance
  • Flash Module Devices – 7 and 14 TB with inline hardware compression and optional encryption supporting internal or external KMIP keys. FMDs are used in previous models such as 5100 and 55000 – newer 5200 and 5600 no longer support FMDs.
  • NVMe attached devices
  • NVMeOF with Fibre Channel
  • Compression and deduplication in software for all devices (when not used on FMDs)
  • Automated Dynamic Tiering for hybrid models
    FMDs(previous models), SSDs, SAS, and NL-SAS devices

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