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Lab Insight: HP EVA to 3PAR Online Import for EVA-to-3PAR StoreServ Migration

HP EVA to 3PAR Online Import Lab Insight published December 5th, 2012. Download the free report now!

There are many events that can trigger the need for a data migration.  Some datacenters do migrations on a weekly basis.  A technology refresh, server and/or storage consolidation, infrastructure relocation, data classifications are all events that could cause a need for a data migration.

The process of moving data to another location and then redirecting the I/O requests of that data to the new location can be a disruptive process to those using that data in production. This can therefore negatively impact a company financially with possible extended or unexpected downtime, performance issues, compatibility issues, and data corruption or loss.  The best way to avoid these issues is to have a reliable, repeatable and consistent migration plan.  Since a great number of storage systems today are purchased to store existing data, getting these new storage systems ready for production requires detailed planning to move data from its current location (source) to the new location (destination) to mitigate risk.

This report covers planning, process and Evaluator Group validation of the migration from EVA to 3PAR StoreServ.

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