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Huawei OceanStor 2600/2200 – Product Brief

Last updated December 17th, 2019 for end of year updates. Concise 7 page review of entry level SAN product Huawei OceanStor 2600/2200. Covers highlights, potential, usage, and commentary on strengths/weaknesses. Product Brief includes EvaluScale Reviewing Methodology. Download the free Product Brief now!


The Huawei OceanStor 2600 and 2200 storage systems are entry-level systems with advanced features and capabilities supporting block and file access.  Huawei has a wide range of storage products and the 2600 and 2260 systems have the same functionality as the OceanStor 6800 V3. The 2200 is a traditional dual controller storage system with active-active operation for performance and high availability.  The 2600 is a scale-out configuration with 2 to 8 controllers in a paired arrangement.  Storage devices in enclosures are connected with 12 Gb/s SAS.  SSDs and HDDs are supported in any combination.

Connectivity for block access is through Fibre Channel, FCoE and iSCSI.  File access is through Ethernet and support NFS and CIFS/SMB.  The system uses a traditional RAID group architecture that has been adapted with storage pooling for thin provisioning.  As an entry-level system, the maximum capacity is limited by the number of device enclosures supported with a total of 500 or 300 devices, including the devices in the controller enclosure, depending on the model.

Huawei OceanStor 2600/2200 Product Brief includes:

EvaluScale Review Methodology
Evaluator Group Opinion

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