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HYCU – Product Brief

Last updated February 1st, 2023 for product updates. Concise 6-page overview of HYCU Data Protection Software. Includes overview, usage, EvaluScale and more. Download the full product brief now!

HYCU provides data protection software that can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. The product was originally created by, and later spun off from, Comtrade Software.

HYCU was initially released as a data protection software for Nutanix environments. Its support and deployment options have since been expanded; a version is available for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), VMware, and Dell EMC PowerScale OneFS environments, it can be deployed in AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure public clouds, and it can protect enterprise applications including Microsoft 365 and SAP HANA.

HYCU maintains deep partnerships with the source infrastructure providers, including Nutanix, AWS, Google, and Microsoft, in order to fully leverage the source environment’s capabilities and features, such as cloning and snapshotting. In the public cloud, this also translates into optimization of price points and regions. This approach also facilitates application-centric data protection, including automated application discovery, and application-aware backup and recovery (e.g., application-aware storage-level snapshots).

HYCU Protégé was introduced in mid-2019 as HYCU’s solution for central management of data protection operations (including backups, operational recoveries, and disaster recovery), as well as for application mobility across on- and off-premises cloud environments. Protégé was developed natively in the public cloud, and it is delivered as SaaS. Protégé effectively allows for a distributed virtualization layer that allows for heterogeneous and hybrid, on- and off-premises clouds to be centrally managed and to communicate with each other. It is purely a management and visualization layer; it uses customer credentials, such as Azure Active Directory, but it does not store customer data.

HYCU Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

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