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INFINIDAT InfiniBox – Product Brief

Last updated December 8th, 2022 for end of year updates. Concise and unbiased 8-page overview of the features and functionality of INFINIDAT InfiniBox. Product Brief includes EvaluScale Reviewing Methodology. Download the free Product Brief now!

The INFINIDAT InfiniBox storage system is an evolution of architecture from the Israeli-American company headed by Moshe Yanai, drawing upon experience learned in delivering EMC Symmetrix and IBM XIV systems previously. The InfiniBox has models that provide storage with disk drives and DRAM and Flash as cache. The system utilizes a three controller architecture with up to eight drive enclosures. The controllers are interconnected using InfiniBand with RDMA access between them.

The InfiniBox not only supports block storage but also includes NAS functionality with an INFINIDAT developed file system using the same underlying storage functions.

InfiniBox also supports mainframe attachment with models that have FICON interface cards rather than Fibre Channel but otherwise use the same hardware and underlying system software. Additional mainframe-specific software is included for those models.

While a notable design point for InfiniBox has been to utilize HDDs along with DRAM caching, in June of 2021, InfiniBox announced new SSD models focused on the most performance demanding workloads. These models, called InfiniBox SSA, include the same features and functionality of the traditional Infinibox models, however they replace HDDs for SSDs, and currently file support is not offered. Like the standard HDD-based models, neural caching with DRAM is still utilized, however the secondary SSD cache is no longer necessary, as the SSA models utilize a full SSD backend.

INFINIDAT InfiniBox Product Brief Includes:

EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
Evaluator Group Commentary

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