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NetApp Keystone – Product Review

Published on October 31st, 2023. Concise 6-page overview of NetApp Keystone. Includes overview, usage, EvaluScale and more. Download the full product review now!

NetApp’s Keystone storage-as-a-service includes NetApp file, block and object storage on a subscription basis. The assets are owned by NetApp, and managed either by the customer or a NetApp partner. Data protection storage services are included in the Keystone base service. Keystone also includes an ability to integrate public cloud storage resources (AWS, Azure, GCP) to off-load infrequently accessed data, permanently move workloads, or use the cloud for burst, DR or backup.

Keystone offers storage services across performance tiers of NetApp’s portfolio of products. Because NetApp delivers performance service level objectives (SLOs) established within the Keystone contract, NetApp reserves the right to supply the storage platform to best deliver the required performance outcomes. That means customers do not select a specific NetApp storage system.

NetApp Keystone Product Review Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • Architecture Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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