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NetApp / SolidFire Industry Snapshot

Published June 9th, 2016. A concise Industry Update on the takeaways from the NetApp SolidFire analyst event. Includes information on future offerings and our comments. Download the free report now!

NetApp introduced their newest platform and acquisition, SolidFire, during their Analyst event in Boulder last week. SolidFire Founder and now NetApp VP and General Manager, David Wright, talked about how quickly NetApp is moving towards all-flash, even before buying SolidFire – which has always been an all-flash product. The company stated that 1/3 of all ONTAP bookings are all-flash and that NetApp is on a $700M per year run rate for all-flash products.

In addition to the new SolidFire scale-out arrays, NetApp’s all- flash product line includes their existing EF series arrays which are designed for high-performance, low-latency workloads and the All-Flash FAS series, which fit best with general IT workloads and environments that need a unified (block and file) storage system. (see coverage on individual products in the Evaluator Group Research, Solid State segment).

The company is also claiming that NetApp is moving towards all flash faster than the analyst have predicted the market would in general, at the expense of hybrid arrays. Wright showed the first of a couple tombstone slides, this one showing the resting place of Hybrid Storage, with the epitaph “Stopgap ’til the end”, which is contrary to the overall NetApp position.

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