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Quantum Myriad – Product Review

Published May 16th, 2023. Concise 8-page overview of Quantum Myriad. Includes overview, usage, EvaluScale and more. Download the full product review now!

Quantum Myriad is a software defined scale out NAS storage system for unstructured data. Myriad provides file support via NFSv4, with future plans to also support S3 object storage.

Myriad software runs on standard hardware and is designed for all-flash, NVMe storage devices. The software is deployed as containerized microservices orchestrated by Kubernetes. By utilizing this container based, cloud-native architecture, Quantum Myriad is capable of running natively in the cloud as well as on standard, on-premises hardware. The initial Myriad offering, however, is as a hardware appliance only.

The Myriad solution is deployed with three distinct node types. The architecture consists of NVMe storage nodes, load balancer nodes that direct traffic, and a deployment node that configures and updates nodes in the cluster. The system is designed to be a flexible scale out solution and can scale from three to hundreds of storage nodes.

The Myriad solution was developed internally by Quantum, and added a modern, scale-out NAS platform to their portfolio. The addition diversifies Quantum offerings which include tape solutions, ActiveScale object storage, and StorNext data management.


Quantum Myriad is targeted at file-based workloads that require both scalability and all-flash performance. Applications include AI/ML, video processing, healthcare imaging, and life sciences.

Quantum Myriad Product Review Includes:

Architecture Deployment
EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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