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Storage Systems Using Solid State Technology

Randy Kerns explores Solid State Technology and its many variations and implementattions of use in the storage industry. He covers the different approaches to utilize solid state technology and the value of the solutions in different environments.

The use of solid state technology in storage can have profound impact in the areas of performance, power, cooling, and floor space.  This is a new and evolving area with many different solutions today and confident predictions that more will be developed.  The different approaches used for introducing NAND Flash solid state technology into storage can have different performance and cost characteristics.  Depending on the environment and application, some approaches may be more effective than others.  Understanding the different approaches is critical in making an informed decision when selecting and deploying a solid state storage solution.   The transition to all solid state technology and eliminating electro-mechanical devices for performance in storage will continue and selection of the solid state storage technology implementation are key choices along the way.

This paper covers the different implementation and use of Solid State in systems arrays.

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