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Technical Insight: Mainframe Shifts in Cloud Storage Usage

Last updated October 25th, 2022 for minor updates. In this free Technical Insight report, we discuss our recent research on the expanding and evolving use of public cloud storage for mainframe environments. Download the free report now!


Public cloud storage usage for mainframe environments is expanding for a variety of reasons, changing the operational procedures for Information Technology in those enterprises.  Evaluator Group has completed a research study to provide insights into the current state and expectations as use of cloud storage continues to evolve.

The use of cloud storage is dominated by storing backup and archive data from the mainframe.  The growth in the amount of capacity from mainframe to cloud is greater than the organic growth of data according to information from the respondents in the research study.

The research project was limited to enterprises with mainframe environments and did not include service providers or consulting companies.  Initially, a set of focused questions to characterize the use and motivation for cloud storage was completed by individuals with responsibilities that would clearly validate their understanding.  This information gathering was followed with individual interviews to get additional background, explanations, and an outlook on strategy.  The interviews helped in understanding the thinking behind decisions and lessons learned.  The combination of data and qualitative commentary presents a current picture of cloud storage usage and expectations in the near term (generally within a three-year horizon).

Cloud Storage Usage

The results of the survey for cloud storage usage are informative, but the narrative through the follow-up interviews provides context to what the charts show.  For each of the selected areas reported on below, explanations and more in-depth analysis help in understanding.

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