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Use Cases for the NetApp EF550 flash array–Tech Insight

Published December 17th, 2013. Technical insight on the use cases of the NetApp EF550 Flash Array. Download the free report now!

As a greater percentage of IT infrastructures get virtualized, there are more demands than ever on storage architectures to handle the performance of intensified random environments.  It has also driven the need for higher performing storage to handle the growing demand without greatly increasing data center footprints.  The increased concentrated workload produced by tier 1 applications and virtualized environments has been the biggest accelerator for the storage industry over the past decade and new disruptive storage technologies have been introduced in the market to meet the demand.  Over 80% of performance issues reported from virtualized environments are about storage performance.  The ability to handle today’s tier 1 application environments within service level agreements (SLAs) can directly affect how much money a company can make per second, per hour, and per day.  There is a great economic value in accelerating applications to increase the volume business operations, transactions and revenue.


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