Amazon and BP Expanding Their Year-Old Deal for Renewable Energy and AWS Cloud Services

Monday, December 14th 2020

Published on EnterpriseAI.News. Read the full article here.

John Webster, an analyst and senior partner with Evaluator Group, told EnterpriseAI that deals like these can also be seen as end-around plays on the electric utilities by Amazon and Microsoft, which in October announced a similar deal with Shell.

“Fossil fuels from the likes of Shell and BP power the generators of Pacific Gas & Electric, for example, that supply electric energy to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure data centers, resulting in CO2 emissions,” said Webster. “These kinds of deals give AWS and Azure the electricity they need with a renewable energy source.”

At the same time, “the cloud providers go direct to a renewable energy source and cut-out the utilities,” he said. “There’s also a certain amount of bartering going on here – yes? The cloud providers pay for energy in services as opposed to cash.”

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