Catalogic builds out CloudCasa with cloud database support

Tuesday, March 16th 2021

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There is growing interest in protecting data via SaaS and the usage of containers, and CloudCasa is targeting the intersection of both trends, said Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Group.

However, the container market is still fairly nascent, so it’s hard to predict what usage patterns will become trends. It’s also too early to predict if there is a logical overlap between Kubernetes backup and cloud database backup, though Catalogic protecting both with one product can’t hurt, Macomber said.

Because CloudCasa is protecting both Kubernetes and RDS, there is now a long list of vendors it competes against, including Druva, Portworx and Zerto, Macomber said. With so many incumbent vendors, it is unlikely Catalogic can convert existing customers from backup software they’ve likely been using for years.

Therefore, it’s absolutely the right call to be targeting developers, Macomber said. Container best practices and use cases will ultimately be dictated by developers rather than backup administrators, and Catalogic is enticing them with a product that scales automatically and is free of charge to get started.

“Developers are definitely setting the tone in terms of driving enterprises’ adoption of containers, so it’s smart to look to get in with this crowd,” Macomber said.

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