Cloudian provides object storage backup target for Kasten

Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

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On-premises object storage may seem antithetical to cloud-native applications, but cloud-first applications don’t necessarily stay in the cloud, said Randy Kerns, a senior analyst at Evaluator Group. When applications are ready to move into production scale, the cloud may no longer be the best place for them, as organizations need to consider factors such as cost, bandwidth and security.

“Most cloud-native apps developed are for containers and use object storage as primary storage,” Kerns said. “IT operations can choose to deploy these new apps on prem or in the public cloud, or even move them at some point. They want that flexibility.”

The original role of object storage was largely as scalable storage for unstructured and secondary data, but the cloud and Kubernetes have shifted its use toward primary storage, Kerns said. He pointed out that Cloudian HyperStore isn’t the first to embrace object storage’s new, container-focused purpose — Scality’s Artesca and Dell EMC’s ObjectScale also provide object storage for Kubernetes.

“Object storage is expanding usage beyond the large content repository to primary storage for cloud-native applications,” Kerns said.

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