Dell EMC storage strategy talk buzzes Dell Tech World – SearchStorage

Wednesday, April 25th 2018

Published on with a quote from Camberley Bates. Read the full article here.


Camberley Bates, a managing director and analyst at Evaluator Group, based in Boulder, Colo., said she wants to hear a clear strategy to stabilize post-merger turnover in Dell EMC storage sales team.

“We understand EMC has lost quite a few salespeople,” she said. “EMC had the best storage sales force for a very long time, but changes in customer relationships and shifts within the larger Dell company have caused some EMC customers to pause as they make decisions” on product refreshes.

“Can they be a storage growth company? Yes, if they have a clear roadmap discussion on investments they’re making in the product. Second, they need to retool the sales force, which I believe they are doing, such that there is an expert focus on storage. We have seen several firms combine server and storage sales, without success,” Bates added.


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