Mainframers are keeping tape as they add cloud backup, archive storage

Monday, August 22nd 2022

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An Evaluator Group research project has found that tape use by mainframe users is not going away and that cloud storage of their backup and archive data is increasing at the same time.

The downloadable Technical Insight report; “Use of Cloud Storage in Mainframe Environments” by analyst Randy Kerns, looked at enterprise mainframe users, not service providers or consulting companies. It says that “Public cloud storage usage for mainframe environments is expanding for a variety of reasons and mainframe cloud storage “is dominated by storing backup and archive data from the mainframe.”

General mainframe application storage in the cloud was found to be too expensive: “storage costs were prohibitive because of the class (expensive performance level) of storage required and the time-based charges for the amount that was resident.“ This led to some application repatriation. Specific archive and backup storage use on the cloud though, was common.

The report states: “More than half of respondents reported storing more than one half of a petabyte of data in clouds. That is a large amount of data for mainframe environments and the expense of storage and management, either on-premises or in a public cloud, would be a noticeable amount in an overall budget.”

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