New IBM Spectrum Fusion storage takes aim at container users

Wednesday, April 28th 2021

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Randy Kerns, a senior strategist and analyst at Evaluator Group, estimated that two-thirds of enterprises will either deploy a new container-based hybrid cloud or try to make a cloud-native, container-based environment that their DevOps teams have already built “enterprise-capable” over the next three years. He said lots of developers took a “roll-your-own” approach, but enterprise IT organizations want to put a support infrastructure in place.

“They want a vendor that they know is going to be there five to 10 years from now,” Kerns said. “And they don’t want to have to go out and try and beat the bushes to find somebody with a very demanding skill set, which is what the issue is right now.”

Kerns said IBM bought Red Hat because of the “land grab going on” for enterprises that are deploying container-based hybrid clouds, and the new Spectrum Fusion product would give IBM a more complete offering than most rivals. He sees SUSE’s Rancher with Longhorn as the closest competitor. Others include Red Hat OpenShift with OpenShift Container Storage, VMware vSphere and Tanzu and Hewlett Packard’s Ezmeral. Some vendors focus on storage for container-based applications, including Pure Storage’s Portworx.

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