Where to Start with Data Storage Research – New and Updated Evaluation Guides from Evaluator Group

Tuesday, January 28th 2014

Evaluator Group releases Solid State and Object Storage Evaluation Guides plus major updates on eight more technologies, offers Solid State Evaluation Guide as free download


Starting research for a storage refresh or the addition of new technologies such as a solid state system can be difficult. The amount of information is overwhelming, taking months of analysis and wrong decisions can be costly.

Evaluation Guides by Evaluator Group are trusted by IT professionals to save them time and ultimately money by providing unbiased and deep information by efficiently guiding users to an informed decision about what are the critical characteristics they should be considering. They have added two Evaluation Guides based on the significance of the technologies on the industry: Solid State Storage Evaluation Guide, and the Object Storage Evaluation Guide.

Evaluator Group’s research begins with a broad view of various storage technologies and the industry as a whole, allowing users to see where their needs fit. This first introduction is provided by these Evaluation Guides on topics such as Solid State Storage or Storage Virtualization. They describe the technology and what is needed to begin defining requirements for individual environments including popular features, critical characteristics for systems, and management functionality. They are technical enough to enable expert users to understand the unique specifications of products, but are also digestible by those who are just beginning to research and need a starting point.

With this information IT end users can then narrow their options and drill down into the segment that suits them, taping more deeply into our research with Comparison Matrices and Product Analysis or assistance from the Evaluator Group Analysts.

“These guides are an indispensable resource for IT professionals who are trying to make a decision or begin building an RFP,” said Camberley Bates, Managing Director, Evaluator Group. “There is often confusion over the value of different solutions and approaches in different environments, so utilizing an unbiased resource, like the Evaluation Guide, is important in order to ensure that claims being made apply to their individual needs and cut through various marketing terms used to describe products.”

As an introduction, Evaluator Group is offering the Solid State Storage Evaluation Guide to users for free with registration. Other Evaluation Guides are available to subscribers with subscriptions starting at $2,750. The subscription also provides access to Evaluator Group’s popular Comparison Matrices; spreadsheet style documents that compare competitive storage products side-by-side.

Available Evaluation Guides:


Evaluator Group is offering the Solid State Storage Evaluation Guide for free for a limited time. Registration is required and will provide users with access to additional research. For more details, see:

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