Qumulo NAS file system adds encryption, security

Wednesday, February 26th 2020

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Randy Kerns,  senior analyst of storage at Evaluator Group, said early Qumulo NAS customers didn’t require encryption, but the features are a requirement for Qumulo to break into highly regulated markets.

That includes healthcare organizations that manage confidential patient data. HIPAA requires healthcare providers to encrypt data in flight, while the HITECH Act requires encryption for data at rest.

Large enterprises are also more likely to need encryption than Qumulo’s early customer base, which included many media and entertainment and life sciences companies.

“As you broaden your market and the ways your software gets used, then your requirements increase. Qumulo NAS initially was going after more specialty vertical markets where a lot of these new features were not really highly valued or necessary. As Qumulo goes after broader use cases, especially in the enterprise environments, these new capabilities become more important to potential new customers,” Kerns said.

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