Remote backup and recovery, protection changes that will stick

Friday, July 17th 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic shifted most companies to operating remotely nearly overnight. IT was forced to adapt just as quickly, especially when it came to backup and recovery processes. In fact, 30% of respondents in Evaluator Group’s “Enterprise IT Responds to COVID-19” study noted their data protection processes benefiting regarding attention and funding.

While some of these remote backup and recovery changes were temporary measures to carry the business through the near-term state of emergency and response, others will be permanent and have lasting implications on enterprise IT. This article will draw on Evaluator Group’s study as well as our ongoing consultations with enterprise IT professionals to explore which changes in the backup and recovery world are here to stay, and why.

Expanded protection coverage and validation

The first and arguably most prominent permanent change is, put simply, “more” data protection. By this, we mean coverage of remote and cloud-based assets and building more confidence in recoverability.

For its study, Evaluator Group interviewed IT professionals from a range of enterprise-scale organizations. Many indicated being caught under-prepared in their ability to pivot to enable the remote workforce. They reported leaning on their protection infrastructures to guarantee critical business services. This includes facilitating remote accessibility, providing protection for increased errors as users work remotely and fending off an increased number of cyber attacks such as ransomware.

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