Rubrik acquires Igneous Systems’ unstructured data tech

Wednesday, January 13th 2021

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Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Group, said Igneous is a good purchase for Rubrik because customers with petabytes of critical unstructured data are increasingly common. Businesses can have vast stores of medical images, research data in proprietary formats, social media information and surveillance footage that they rely on to run, and all this data needs to be properly managed and protected. Traditional NAS data protection isn’t designed to handle such large volumes of unstructured data, but Igneous’ unique capability to handle billions of files will improve Rubrik’s ability to scale into these multi-petabyte environments.

“Igneous specifically focuses on unstructured data, which is growing exponentially fast and has become business-critical,” Macomber said.

Igneous also helps Rubrik push further into data visibility for business intelligence, compliance and security use cases, Macomber said. It would expand upon what Polaris Sonar is already doing, allowing customers to search and identify files at a massive scale.

Macomber added that she wasn’t surprised by the acquisition. Although she didn’t get any indication that Darwin was shopping for a buyer or that Rubrik was interested in Igneous’ technology, she said Igneous has had a rocky year with a CEO change in June and layoffs in November.

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