SearchSolidStateStorage: Russ Fellows quoted in article on new HP 3PAR flash models

Friday, June 12th 2015

“HP adds new high-end 3PAR flash models, software features” by Carol Sliwa, TechTarget SearchSolidStateStorage

HP’s existing all-flash array models are considerably smaller in scale. The company’s all-flash 7200c can have up to two controller nodes, 120 SSDs, 460.8 TB of raw capacity and 40 GB of cache. HP’s all-flash 7450c can have up to four controllers, 240 SSDs, 921.6 TB of raw capacity and 192 GB of cache.

“They’re doing a good job of creating an architecture that scales from the midrange all the way up to tier one, and it has a consistent set of software,” said Russ Fellows, a senior partner and analyst at Evaluator Group. “One of the big issues that customers have, whether they’re Hitachi, IBM, or EMC customers, is there’s a difference between the high-end tier one platforms and the midrange platforms — different software, incompatible, can’t do replication. By having the consistent architecture with 3PAR, they overcome a lot of limitations.”

HP’s hybrid 20800 model can be configured with up to 1,920 total drives, including a maximum of 1,024 SSDs and any number of HDDs, ranging in capacity from 600 GB to 6 TB. The array’s raw capacity can range from 1.92 TB to 6 PB. Up to 1.8 TB of on-node cache and a total of 33.8 TB including flash cache is available, according to HP.

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