Scale-out Data Protection Gains Acceptance and Traction in the Enterprise, Replacing Traditional Systems

Wednesday, June 13th 2018

Evaluator Group Grows Depth of Coverage with new Scale-out Data Protection Research to Assist Enterprises in Evaluating Options.

Boulder, CO June 13th, 2018. The recent emergence of Scale-out Data Protection systems is one of the most exciting developments in data protection in many years.  Traditional data protection has been a dedicated infrastructure with its own servers and storage, typically in a scale-up configuration.  As capacity grew, Enterprises were faced with a significant investment in larger systems for both primary and secondary storage.  In contrast, Scale-out Data Protection solutions use the concept of Hyperconverged Infrastructure, combining the server and storage in nodes with easy to grow, scale-out upgrades.

The scale-out architecture of these systems creates clusters of nodes built on commodity hardware loaded with software-defined storage and built-in cloud capabilities.  Some vendors in this market are embedding data protection software in each node of the cluster, further simplifying the deployment and management of data protection.

“By adopting Scale-out Data Protection systems, IT organizations can benefit from faster deployment, simplified IT infrastructure, lower infrastructure costs, improved data management and longer system life,” said Steve Scully, Sr. Analyst with Evaluator Group.

As more Scale-out Data Protection offerings come to market, IT organizations are realizing the potential benefits of this technology and are re-evaluating the way they approach their data protection strategy.  The market has taken notice with significant investor funding for Scale-out Data Protection startups and several established data protection vendors showing interest.

“We have seen a significant increase in interest from Enterprise clients as a means to simplify their data protection and mitigate the cost of upgrades,” said Camberley Bates, Managing Director and Analyst with Evaluator Group.  “This new research coverage adds to our Data Protection Systems matrices and product reviews in order to help clients evaluate options for purchase.”

Evaluator Group’s new research includes an introduction to Scale-out Data Protection in the form of an Evaluation Guide, unbiased and concise Product Briefs, and a side-by-side Comparison Matrix to help IT organizations compare vendor offerings to determine which system best fits their needs.

Products covered in the Evaluator Group Comparison Matrix and Product Briefs include:

The Evaluator Group Scale-out Data Protection Evaluation Guide is free of charge and the Product Briefs and Comparison Matrix are available for purchase. As more Scale-out Data Protection systems come to market, Evaluator Group will continue to release new research materials covering these products.

To browse the Evaluator Group Scale-out Data Protection research, click here.

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