Simplifying Data Management with Hybrid Networks

Monday, February 8th 2021

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A more complex but more effective approach is to do some form of multi-cloud data management (MCDM), which includes both public clouds and private ones. But so far just 40% of enterprises have taken this approach, according to research carried out by Evaluator Group.

The top use case for MCDM is disaster recovery and business continuity, according to Krista Macomber, Evaluator Group’s senior analyst for data protection. But this is far from the only use case for MCDM.  Other popular use cases include data governance, data protection, security, data intelligence, and helping to ensure that the right data is available to applications that need it, at the right time — especially when it needs to be temporarily moved or permanently migrated to one cloud or another.

The key to this, and this is where data management systems can help, is the automation they provide. That’s because migrating data from applications and other sources can be highly labor intensive, and, crucially, prone to humans errors. But an MCDM system can automate this process and thereby eliminate (most) human errors.

MCDM Vendor Offerings

So who offers MCDM solutions? The answer to that is an increasingly large group of companies.

“Far and away, Amazon and Microsoft are the vendors that respondents most often reported having engaged with for multi-cloud data management, and that they intend to engage with for multi-cloud data management,” says Evaluator’s Krista Macomber. But a range of vendors, most notably data protection vendors, are making investments in these areas, bringing enhanced capabilities such as improved data migration and visibility to bear, she adds.

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