TechTarget: “Comparing the variety of all-flash storage arrays available today” by Leah Schoeb

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group outlines the all-flash storage arrays on the market, from traditional array retrofits to purpose-built flash offerings.

There are many all-flash storage arrays on the market today — with everyone screaming out their speeds and feeds performance numbers — and the various results seem to be all over the place.

Traditional storage array. The storage controllers in the traditional storage array have not been altered to address the unique performance characteristics and management needed to support solid-state technology for best performance. They support HDD-form-factor SSDs and treat the SSD just like an HDD. This means any housekeeping activities unique to SSDs, like wear leveling, are left up to the internal features of the supported SSD. This can mean that when the write cliff does happen, the performance degradation can be more severe than it would be in all-flash arrays that have specifically managed around this event.

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