Use and Protect Backup Against COVID-19-Related Cybercrime

Wednesday, May 6th 2020

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Be aware of innovative cyberattacks connected to the new coronavirus. Improve data safety with these backup best practices that can serve as a foundation of response preparation.

The surge in remote working resulting from the new coronavirus pandemic has sparked a flurry of cybercriminal activity. Evaluator Group’s recent study, “Enterprise IT Responds to COVID-19,” found that security, data protection and disaster recovery are the IT areas most likely to get a boost as a result of the pandemic over the next six months.

In the words of one IT professional, “We’re in the open. Hackers and bad actors are in the dark, always trying something new. Our job is to defeat them every time.”

One way to do that is with solid backups. Especially in the middle of a crisis, the need to protect backup data becomes a critical mission.

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