Veritas brings ransomware protection to Kubernetes container environments

Wednesday, June 30th 2021

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Customers also gain the ability to define and automatically execute multiple service level objectives, including specifying the recovery technique and data to be recovered for each application. That capability is available now with VMware applications, and will soon expand to any application, Veritas said. Finally, VMware users gain continuous data protection and instant rollback capabilities that ensure they can recover from a ransomware attack in just minutes instead of hours, the company said.

Evaluator Group analyst Krista Macomber said the growing adoption of containers in the enterprise creates a much more complex and heterogeneous environment that must be protected in new ways.

“This complexity can lead to poor data practices, where information is mismanaged or overlooked, and winds up unprotected,” Macomber said. “We hear from customers that being able to oversee, protect and manage all environments from a single platform would greatly reduce their risk of data loss.”

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