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By , Friday, September 5th 2014

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All-flash storageIt seems clear that all solid-state technology will become common in primary storage systems soon. In our IT client engagements, we see many companies including the transition to all solid state in their storage strategies.

As with many new technologies, there are both compelling reasons to adopt solid-state storage and valid reasons for waiting.

The reasons for using all-flash storage as primary storage include:

• Performance – As a memory-based technology, flash eliminates latencies seen with electro-mechanical devices (hard disk drives). The performance bump is especially noticeable for random access to data and the time to first byte of transfer, and changes the value from storage by accelerating critical applications.

• Reliability – Improving the reliability of the technology has been a hallmark of storage vendors and this continues with flash-based storage systems. Without the mechanical wear and the heat generation, solid state inherently is more reliable.

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