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By , Monday, June 23rd 2014

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I have been told by a storage administrator that if he moved data to the cloud he was no longer responsible for it.  He made the wash-my-hands of it sign during that conversation to illustrate it was “not my problem.” That’s because of guarantees offered by the cloud service provider storing the information.  I did not get any of the details about those guarantees but I would also question how sound they were and what recourse the company would have if anything did get lost.

An event happened this past week that illustrates this problem and set off alarm bells for all storage administrators and IT management.  U.K.-based code hosting company Code Spaces lost every client’s data and ceased operation.  The data loss was due to a malicious hacker that deleted the data and was so proficient at it that Code Spaces’ protection mechanisms were incapable of protecting or recovering data.  Russ Fellows wrote a blog with more detail on the Evaluator Group web site.  More can be found at

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