Considering On-Premises and Cloud Storage


In this free Industry Snapshot report, Sr. Strategist Randy Kerns offers six critical elements to consider when deciding between public cloud or on-premises solutions. For more information, contact Evaluator Group here.

Considerations for storing and managing information are sometimes overlooked when planning for whether to move or deploy an application on a public cloud or on-premises.  These can be critical to success and mitigation of risks for an organization.  While the importance of different factors to consider may vary by organization, there are a number of important ones that need to be evaluated to make an informed and defensible decision.

A major failing is to not look at storing and managing information on-premises or in a public cloud from a TCO perspective over a set period of time.  Just looking at initial costs without other factors that increase in costs as time progresses will be an incomplete analysis.

It is also prudent in the consideration to include information from experiences in making this transition.  Expanding usage of cloud storage has yielded useful information that can be applied as a general guideline.  Here are some elements to consider when making a decision for on-premises and cloud storage… To continue reading this free report, please register using the form below.

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Going the next step

This information covers the basics of considerations for on- and off- premises data storage. There are also the many options for cloud storage, including traditional data storage vendors and Public Cloud provider offerings, which need to be examined.  Evaluator Group helps customers examine these considerations in light of their strategy, build the business case and understand the technical differences. Contact us to find out how we can help you create a sound, informed strategy.

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