Hadoop Appliances — the Lengthening List

By , Thursday, February 28th 2013

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I noted in a previous blog post that Hadoop needed a number of enhancements to make it more acceptable to enterprise users. One of them was simplicity. Indeed, even some of the purveyors of Hadoop distributions privately admit that Hadoop, with its attendant add-ons (Pig, Hive, Squoop, and more) is a bear to install. An IT team can spend up to six months getting it working. Perhaps as a result, I estimate that the number of “enterprise-grade” Hadoop licenses functioning within production data center environments is depressingly low—less than 1,000. I say depressingly low because the little Hadoop elephant is Big Data’s mascot, but he’s had a steep uphill climb so far on his way to the enterprise.

For the last year, enhancements that make Hadoop more acceptable to — Click HERE to read more on John’s “Inescapable Data” blog on Forbes.

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