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By , Tuesday, July 15th 2014

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Despite obvious evolution of the storage industry, the problems in storing and managing information are the same ones that have been there since the days of Data Processing in the 1960s. The problems have actually grown, with nuances that make them harder to solve.

There are solutions and technologies that provide abilities to deal with the magnitude of data, the performance demanded for business, and cost economies in a competitive world. The problem is keeping up with those storage developments. There are inflection points in the storage industry where technology makes a dramatic difference in capabilities. These inflection points spawn new products, refinements of the technology, and promises of the next new thing that will become another inflection point. For those in IT organizations responsible for storing and managing information, it is a continuous task to keep with these developments.

These developments lead to new products and solutions that will improve operations. They provide greater performance and efficiency, and simplified management at a lower cost.

The new technologies are often the most effective way to address increasing capacity demands and the problems those demands create. Discussions from outside the IT organization — at conferences, vendor presentations, and in published articles — move quickly to the new products and solutions. Executives in the company will hear about a new technology and ask, “Why aren’t we doing this?” Technical professionals define their careers by applying technology to solve problems. If they don’t fully understanding the latest technology, they may feel that their careers are compromised and limited.

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